The In-Out-N-Throug® Program

A Virtual, Live, 7-Week Program...

Social Justice Parenting


Inner Child Re-Parenting

For social justice curious and conscious caregivers who are expecting/adopting or have young children under age 10...

Let's make parenting an act of social justice that promotes your child's development and nurtures your inner child.

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Transform From Autopilot to Bold, Conscious, and Decolonized (ABCD) Family Building Through Self-Reflection, Storytelling, and Somatic Community Practice

So that you’re building a legacy of compassion and liberation for your future generations.

You'll walk away with:


of your outdated family cycles and oppressive social norms that no longer serve you.

Break free from these outdated patterns.

Show up fully and authentically for yourself and your family, especially amid systemic oppression.


Align your parenting with your social justice values.

Cultivate the adult developmental skills you need to be the parent you know you can be...

Boundary setting, emotional literacy, nonviolent conflict management, etc. 


to step in and out of your survival mode so you can balance surviving and thriving.

Shift from reacting to responding to your child.

Navigate your stress responses with flexibility and be your child’s role model for intentional living and emotional resilience.

“I could have the best intentions and still inadvertently be recreating those intergenerational family patterns with Gabe. I don’t want him to carry on my trauma. And if I can slow down and be a little more intentional about how I react to Gabe in my action. That's one concrete way, I think, that I'll be able to not only heal from my own past but help Gabe to not have to carry that on for himself.”

- Nicole

“Nat taught us why the desire to ‘contort, conform and perform’ (to systemic oppression) can be so strong. I often find myself asking, ‘whose goal is this? who says that this is important? Is it this societal pressure that I need to produce for the capitalist system or lose the baby weight and look good for the patriarchy system instead of actually reading my baby and her cues and my cues and what feels and is right for us?’ It really helps me to have compassion on myself too about how hard it can be to make intentional parenting choices.”

- Christine

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You’re never too late to click unsubscribe from performative allyship and performative parenting where you parent by a playbook you didn’t even get to write.

Your family “dysfunctions” are not destinies.

You have a choice and privilege to heal what your ancestors couldn't.

You aren’t broken.

I deeply honor your commitment to raise your child with intention and integrity. Bold, Conscious, and Decolonized family building is possible whether you want to build your family to be different from the one you grew up in or from the script written by systemic oppresion. You're not "too much," "too sensitive," or "too soft." Our liberation is bound to one another's. We're going to need all hands on deck to build a culture where our children can be all of who they are while surviving under systemic oppression.